QPay Payroll Solution


Netzach Systems has launched a new Payroll system "QPay Solutions". QPay Solutions supports MSSQL databases and is compatible with both 32bit and 64bit operating systems. The system is licensed in blocks of 3/6/12 months at K350 per month. Or you can get a special license where Netzach maintains the payroll for you on our servers and just provide reports to you at specific times during a calendar month.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3

Disk Space : 500 MB HDD free space

Memory : 1GB RAM


CPU Architecture :  x86 or x64 based processors

System Features:

Employee Details Capture/Edit

Easily capture employee details with the assistance of the payroll system, capture personal, employment/appointment and financial details for each employee.

Employee Earnings Capture/Edit

Set up employee earnings for a one off payment or recurring payments that will automatically be assigned to an employee with every payroll run.

Employee Deductions Capture/Edit

Set up employee deeductions for a one off deduction or recurring deductions that will automatically be assigned to an employee with every payroll run.

Employee Manual Adjustment Capture/Edit

Manually make adjustments to employee details such as Paye, Napsa contribution, basic pay for a particular employee during a calendar month

Employee Leave & Termination

Easy set up of leave, leave advance and leave days commutation for employees; manage different types of leave such as paid, unpaid, sick and maternity leave.

ZRA Tax/NAPSA settings adjustment

Automaticall download ZRA tax tables from our domain and easy set up Napsa thresholds; it's never been easier to set up get running...

Employee Timesheets

Use the Payroll system to manage all employees on hourly rate, the Payroll system automatically caltuates the employees' basic pay during the Payroll run.

Customizable System References

Managing system references has never been easier, set up all system references to your liking and edit them whenever you need to.

Payroll Process in 3 modes

Run the payroll system in the 3 available modes; Validation run - Checks that all inputs are correct, Monthly run - Prepare pay statements once satisfied with the validation run, Close Month - Updates all inputs and Master records then moves to the next tax month.

Access to various reports including Payslips

Get pay statements in different formats that include A4, A5 and pre-printed formats, the Payroll system produces all required statutory reports for Paye and Napsa contributions includiing the annual report (P18).

System Configuration Backup/Restore

Backup and restore the system configuration to save the system state, important before making major configuration changes to the Payroll system.

Auto Database Backups

The Payroll System automatically creates a single database backup file per day, this can be restored in a case where the system consistency is not as expected.

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